Did you know that it can be cheaper to remain in your current home and build a home extension – compared to all the costs involved in buying and selling your home?

And did you know that building a home extension can increase the value of your home and create instant wealth?

And that mortgage lenders will quite often lend you the money for an extension – based on the increased value of your property when the extension is built?

Building a home extension is clearly a win-win situation. Not convinced? Well people usually want to move for one of three reasons:

  • Because of work – they have a new job interstate or simply need to move closer to their current work for logistical reasons
  • To move closer to their family – again this can be interstate or just a few suburbs over. It is being closer to our family that is important here
  • Because they have out grown their current home

And it is this third reason – where you want to move because you need more space that can be solved with a home extension. If we are honest, most of us like where we are living. We like the neighbourhood, it might be close to the beach or the park, our children’s schools are close, our friends and our children’s friends live nearby – and we are happy living here.

But we need more space!

Well instead of moving and worrying about all the costs and hassles involved in buying and selling your home – why not consider extending your current home and redesigning the internal layout? You will be amazed at how many people are now taking this option. And combine an extension with a home renovation – and you have your dream home in the best location!

With a custom designed home extension you can create the home you have always dreamt of:

  • Change the internal layout to create more space and a better, improved life style
  • Add extra space for bedrooms or move the kitchen into the new extension – you deserve a new kitchen!
  • Have that open plan design you have always wanted
  • Create a parents retreat at the other end of the house with a massive ensuite and stand-alone bath – your very own peaceful and calming sanctuary
  • Add a games room with a pool table
  • Indulge yourself and build a media wing with surround sound and a popcorn machine
  • Create a guest wing with a separate entrance
  • How about a teenagers retreat and keep the noise down one end of the house?
  • And add a home renovation along with your new extension and you virtually have a brand new home


There are no end to the reasons why you need more space – and building an extension is cheaper than the cost of buying and selling - and you don’t have to uproot your life and your family and start all over again.

Our team of fully qualified and experienced master builders have the skills to turn your ideas into reality. We can help you expand your home up or out – depending on your block size and council regulations.

We are full of great ideas and thrive on challenges – so whatever your ideas, run them by us and we will come up with a design that exceeds your expectations!


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